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luigi en ik.jpg
194 viewsMe and my cousin LuigiSep 27, 2005
huwelijk astrid.jpg
217 viewsWalking my sister to city hall at her wedding.Sep 27, 2005
211 viewsMy sanctuary. All I need, my computer and my books.Sep 27, 2005
217 viewsAnother picture of me and Sabrina. Luigi and Gloria are in there too. The woman in the middle is the owner (and aunt of Gloria) of the gelateria.Sep 27, 2005
203 viewsMe and Sabrina, my italian girlfriend. That was years ago though. Oh, my cousin Luigi is in the picture too.Sep 27, 2005
234 viewsAt least I wear a good t-shirt.Sep 27, 2005
boot naar sardinie.jpg
174 viewsOn the boat to Cagliari. While on deck in the evening, I waved in the dark at girls. I hadn't seen them, but a few minutes later they joined us and stayed with us till we arrived in Cagliari.Sep 27, 2005
292 viewsNo comment :)Sep 27, 2005
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