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ben nevis 1.jpg
101 viewsBen Nevis
ben nevis 2.jpg
92 viewsBen Nevis
ben nevis 3.jpg
102 viewsA hostel at Ben Nevis
ben nevis 4.jpg
104 viewsThe path to Ben Nevis
ben nevis 5.jpg
99 viewsBen Nevis
ediburgh castle.jpg
97 viewsEdinburgh - Edinburgh Castle
edinburgh castle2.jpg
102 viewsEdinburgh - Edinburgh Castle
107 viewshostel and restaurant at Glenfinnan
hostel loch ness.jpg
101 viewsHostel at Loch Ness
inverness 1.jpg
92 viewsSunset in Inverness
jet in inverness.jpg
112 viewsMy sister in Inverness
loch lochy.jpg
100 viewsHostel at Loch Lochy
loch lomond.jpg
102 viewsHostel at Loch Lomond
loch ness 2.jpg
110 viewsMe walking to the hostel at Loch Ness
loch ness 3.jpg
103 viewsLoch Ness
loch ness 4.jpg
99 viewsLoch Ness
loch ness.jpg
87 viewsLoch Ness
royal mile.jpg
110 viewsEdinburgh - Royal Mile
ullapool 1.jpg
108 viewsUllapool - view from hostel
ullapool 2.jpg
97 viewsUllapool
ullapool 3.jpg
131 viewsUllapool (and me)
ullapool 4.jpg
1086 viewsUllapool
urquhart castle 2.jpg
110 viewsUrquhart Castle
urquhart castle.jpg
1088 viewsUrquhart Castle
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