March 2, 2007

Upendo Centre

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Recently my very good friend Tessa returned from Kenya. She’s been doing a lot of good work in an orphanage in Thika. You can read about this here. Early December she decided to start her own orphanage. She managed to get that up and running within 2 months. She used what she had left of the donations she received to buy a house and most of the things she needed to get the orphanage up and running. As you’ll agree it’s easy to start an orphanage, well relatively easy. You can easy walk away, thinking you did something good and leave those kids without any funding and thus food and soon without a roof over their heads. But Tessa is very serious about this and feels responsible for these kids. She’ll need funding though to keep the orphanage up and running. I ask you therefore to help her give those kids a good life.

You can learn about the orphanage, Upendo Centre, here. Or click on the banner below.

Please sign the sponsorletter and help her. You can get it here. It’s in Dutch, but I think Tessa can supply it in English if you ask her. I know your donations will be well spent, unlike donations to other organizations.

04-05-2007: Update

Yesterday Tessa was interviewed about Upendo Centre by the local television network L1. The item will be shown next Friday (May 11th) on Ratatoej. The show can be seen at 5 pm, 7 pm, 10 pm and midnight. Don’t miss it.

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