June 13, 2009

Maastrichts Mooiste

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Hallo allemaal,

jullie zullen nu onderhand wel weten dat ik morgen maastrichts mooiste ga lopen en er stiekem toch wel een beetje tegenop zie. Ik heb daarom besloten om mezelf nog een extra reden te geven om de 5 km uit te lopen en dit ook nog in een redelijke tijd te doen. Niets rustig aan doen dus, maar gewoon zo snel mogelijk weer bij de finish komen. Wat heb ik nu bedacht. Toen ik me inschreef voor Maastrichts Mooiste heb ik als richttijd 35 minuten opgegeven. Daar neem ik natuurlijk geen genoegen mee. Dit zal veel sneller moeten en hopelijk kan ik dat ook. Ik heb daar jullie hulp bij nodig. Ik wil jullie vragen om een bedrag te sponsoren voor elke minuut die ik sneller loop dan 33 minuten. De opbrengst hiervan gaat naar de bouw van het nieuwe weeshuis van Upendo Centre (http://www.upendocentre.org/). Dit is de droom van een vriendin, Tessa Janssen, die ze probeert te realiseren. Hier is ze goed mee bezig, maar kan natuurlijk elke steentje (zelfs letterlijk :) ) dat wordt bijgedragen gebruiken. Vandaar mijn, iets te late, initiatief.

Laat even een reactie achter.

Groetjes, Peter

Hello my friends,

you will by now that I’m going to do the 5 km run, Maastrichts Mooiste, tomorrow and also that I fear I will not do so well. I have therefore decided to give myself an extra reason to finish run and also to do it in a reasonable time. No relaxed run, just get to that finish line as quickly as possible. When I registered for Maastricht Mooiste I set a time of 35 minutes. This is obviously not enough. This will have to be much faster and I hope I can do it a lot faster. That’s where I need your help. I would ask you to donate an amount for every minute that I run faster than 33 minutes. The proceeds of which will go to the funding of the building of the new orphanage of Upendo Center (http://www.upendocentre.org/). This is the dream a friend, Tessa Janssen, is trying to achieve. She is doing well, but every little bit that’s contributed will be put to good use. Hence my slightly late, initiative.

Please leave as a comment.

Cheers, Peter

March 2, 2007

Upendo Centre

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Recently my very good friend Tessa returned from Kenya. She’s been doing a lot of good work in an orphanage in Thika. You can read about this here. Early December she decided to start her own orphanage. She managed to get that up and running within 2 months. She used what she had left of the donations she received to buy a house and most of the things she needed to get the orphanage up and running. As you’ll agree it’s easy to start an orphanage, well relatively easy. You can easy walk away, thinking you did something good and leave those kids without any funding and thus food and soon without a roof over their heads. But Tessa is very serious about this and feels responsible for these kids. She’ll need funding though to keep the orphanage up and running. I ask you therefore to help her give those kids a good life.

You can learn about the orphanage, Upendo Centre, here. Or click on the banner below.

Please sign the sponsorletter and help her. You can get it here. It’s in Dutch, but I think Tessa can supply it in English if you ask her. I know your donations will be well spent, unlike donations to other organizations.

04-05-2007: Update

Yesterday Tessa was interviewed about Upendo Centre by the local television network L1. The item will be shown next Friday (May 11th) on Ratatoej. The show can be seen at 5 pm, 7 pm, 10 pm and midnight. Don’t miss it.

February 18, 2007

Just call me a geek

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Girls, learn from this. It’s true.

Why Geeks and Nerds Are Worth It…

In the wide world of dating, there are many options. Do you go for the flashy guy with the smooth smile, or the dude in the corner typing away on his laptop? The following are reasons why I think my fellow females should pay more attention to the quiet geeks and nerds, and less attention to the flashy boys.

1.) While geeks and nerds may be awkward, they’re well-meaning 9 out of 10 times. That smooth dude with the sly grin and the spider hands? Wonder what HIS intentions are… plus, I’ve never had a geek guy not call me when he said he would. Score major points THERE.

2.) They’re useful. In this tech-savvy world, it’s great to have a b/f who can make your laptop, desktop, and just about anything else that plugs into a wall behave itself.

3.) They’re more romantic than they’re given credit for. Ok true, their idea of romance might be to make up a spiffy web-page with all the reasons why they love you, with links to pics of you and sonnets and such… but hey. It lasts longer than flowers, plus you can show your friends.

4.) Due to their neglected status, there are plenty to choose from. You like ‘em tall and slender? There are plenty of geeks/nerds who are. You like ‘em smaller with more meat on their bones? Got that too.

5.) They’ve got brains. Come on now, how can intelligence be a bad thing?

6.) Most are quite good at remembering dates. Like birthdates and such, especially if they know it’ll make you happy. Due again to their neglected status, they’re more attentive than guys who “have more options”. Plus, with all that down time without a steady girlfriend, they’ll likely have mental lists of all the things they’d love to do once they GOT a girlfriend.

7.) Sex. Yep. Sex. I’m not really familiar with this myself, but I’ve friends who’ve been intimate with geek guys and it’s raves all around. They say a virgin wrote the Kama Sutra… all that time thinking about sex, imagining sex, dreaming about sex, (they are male after all) coupled with a desire to make you happy? Use your imagination.

8.) They’re relatively low-maintenance. Most can be fueled on pizza, Twinkies and Mt Dew. No complicated dinners needed here, so if you’re not the best cook, eh. Can you order a pizza?

9.) Most frequent bars as often as slugs frequent salt mines. You won’t have to worry much about your geek guy getting his “groove” on with club hotties because, frankly, he’ll be too busy rooting around under his computer wondering where that spare cable went. You won’t have to worry about him flirting with other women because, 9 out of 10 times, he’ll zip right by them in a perfect b-line towards the nearest electronics store. I’ve seen this happen.
Me: “Eww. Victoria Secret’s Models… They’re so skinny. How is that feminine? You can see her ribs!”
Geek Guy: “ooooooo…”
Me: “Hey!” *notices he is staring lustfully towards the computer store*
Geek Guy: “What?”
Me: “Never mind…”

10.) Although he may not want to go to every outing with you, you can arrange swaps, as in, you’ll go to his Gamer Con dressed as an elf princess if he’ll take you to the ballet. Plus, if he doesn’t want to go someplace with you, you won’t have to worry much about what he’s up to. You’ll probably come home to find him asleep on his keyboard in a sea of Mt. Dew cans with code blinking from the screen. It’s ok. He’s used to this. Just toss a blanket over him and turn out the light.

11.) His friends aren’t jerks. I can’t stress this enough. You’ll more likely get “Omg! A GIRL!! Can I see?!” than “Hey hot stuff back that ass up here and let me get some grub on…” They’re awkward geeks too and will, 9 times out of 10, treat you with the utmost respect and, more than likely, a note of awe. A cute girl picked one of their clan to date? It could happen to them! Hope! Drag some of your single girlfriends over, open up a pack of Mt. Dew, crack open the DnD set and get working. Nothing impresses geek guys more than a girl who can hack-n-slash (well ok maybe if she can code… a geek can dream).

12.) They’re rarely if ever possessive. They trust you, so you can be yourself around them. You like to walk around the house in a ratty t-shirt for comfort? He won’t care. He does too! They won’t get pissy if you don’t wear make-up or don’t want to bother primping your hair. If you gain a few pounds, they won’t try their best to make you feel like crap.

13.) They’re usually very well educated. Physics majors and the like. See #5. You won’t have to listen to him blathering on about his car (ok maybe a little), he’ll have loads of other interesting things to talk about. Politics, world events, how much the chicken burgers down at the local place rock, so long as you douse them in hot sauce…

14.) You’ll almost never have to hear, “Yaw dawg whazzap!!” plop out of their mouths. Unless it’s in jest. They spell properly, use correct punctuation, and are able to tell the difference between the toilet and the floor. They almost never get “wasted”, so you won’t have to worry about coming home to find him and his friends passed out on the floor amidst a pile of beer bottles. Mt. Dew cans, perhaps…

15.) And the final reason why geeks and nerds make great boyfriends: They actually give a damn about you. Not how you look (though that’s a plus), not how skinny you are, not how much make-up you primp yourself up with, but they like you for you. That kind of thing lasts longer than “DaMN baby you got a fine ass!!!” Believe me.

February 16, 2007

What to do about an idiot on a plane?

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Got this one on the mail:
What to do in a plane when the person next to you is an arse:
1. open your laptopbag
2. get your laptop
3. boot you laptop
4. make sure the person next to you can see the screen
5. mumble something, raise your face to the sky and close your eyes
6. then click this link
thanks to the cleverest dot com

October 6, 2006

Darwin Awards

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It’s time to post something less depressing for a change. Yesterday one of my collegues stumbled over a website called The Darwin Award s. This website deals with people who die under unusual circumstances. I realize this doesn’t sound very funny, but the website is definitely worth checking out.

July 5, 2006


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Often  people say that you don’t appreciate things unless they’re not available  anymore. Lately I found how true that is. As you know from previous posts, I  moved into my new house several weeks ago. I’ve still got to do lots of work.  Last weekend I finally finished my shower (more or less). In the weeks before I  had to go to my sisters to be able to shower. As you can imagine that’s  inconvenient both for me and my sisters. But now I can finally use my own shower  and I’m making good use of it. I have to, because in this hot weather, there’s  nothing like a good cold shower.

Will  post pics when the shower is completely  finished.

Now  we move on to those other things that need to be  done.

April 25, 2006

From the newspaper

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When I was reading the newspaper earlier, I read this article. When looking I also found it on nu.nl
Vrouw reed met lijk van moeder door Duitsland

KOBLENZ – De Duitse politie heeft een 53-jarige automobiliste aangehouden, die zeker 450 kilometer had gereden met het lijk van haar negentigjarige moeder op de achterbank. De vrouw ondernam de tocht van Bremerhaven, waar haar moeder was overleden, naar Daun in de Eifel, omdat zij de kosten van het lijktransport wilde uitsparen, meldden Duitse media maandag.
Een begrafenisondernemer tipte de politie zondag over het bijzondere transport. In Koblenz werd de vrouw aangehouden, toen zij bij het station stond te wachten op haar man, die mee zou rijden naar Daun. Op de achterbank lag de overleden moeder, onder een stapel kleren.
De vrouw en haar man krijgen een boete wegens verstoring van de rust van een dode en wegens overtreding van de begrafeniswetgeving, die bepaalt dat doden alleen in een speciale lijkwagen mogen worden vervoerd. "De vrouw bevond zich op de achterbank zonder gordel.
Maar dat gaf in dit geval niet zo veel", voegde een politiewoordvoerder er nog aan toe.
I love my mom very much, but I won’t go driving with her corpse in the back of my car, just to save some money. I wonder if that woman knew that when you die, your muscles relax and all bodyfluids just leak out of your body. Cleaning up your car after that will cost lots of money as well and you end up saving less (if any). And frankly just the thought of driving with a corpse (my mom’s or anybody elses) is enough to scare away any pleasant dreams. For me anyway.

March 10, 2006

A bunch of stiffs

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Yesterday I went to a concert of Toto. They have been around for quite a while (about 30 years). I always liked their music, but never was a real fan. A friend of mine is a real fan though and I gave her two tickets for the concert for Christmas. I have to admit that the concert was great. Didn’t know many of the songs, but the music was good.

The people watching the concert were a completely different matter. I think you’d get a more lively crowd at a cemetery. I felt like I was watching some classic piano concerto. Everybody was just sitting there, hardly moving all through the concert. Judging from the comments on the Toto website, these people did enjoy the concert, but hardly showed it. For example, the guy in front of us, was playing with his cell phone the whole time.

We enjoyed the concert and didn’t care about the others and refused to sit silently while watching the concert. The old geezer next to us was glancing at us all the time. Think he was pondering whether or not to tell us to shut up. :D

March 3, 2006

Vote for Jekerdal

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In a local paper we (well actually Noux found it) found a brief piece on a website called “demooisteplek.nl”. On this website you can find pics of de Jeker at Noux’ parents house. I ask you all to start voting for this beautiful piece of Maastricht. Maastricht belongs a lot higher on the list of most beautiful places in the Netherlands. There’s only one spot good enough and that’s #1. So everybody go to demooisteplek.nl and vote.

Here’s one of the pics shown on this site:

March 2, 2006

My very own house

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Yes people, you read this correctly, I bought myself a house. Well, I signed the contract to buy the house yesterday, but basically that means I bought the house. Little did I know what I had started when I decided to buy a house. There’s so much you need to do or think about. It’s not only signing the contract and getting you mortgage. There’s so much you need to do and it’s like an avalanche. It keeps coming and the list grows longer every time you look at it. Here’s just a short list of what I still need to do in the months to come:

  • get my mortgage. Well, that’s almost taken care of, but need to do a few things before I can actually get it
  • get an insurance on my house. Will get an offer within a few days and will probably accept it
  • find a notary to sign over the house and sign the mortgage
  • find an appraiser to appraise the house. Without this report I won’t be able to get my mortgage

Those are just a few things I need to even buy the house. I also need to do lots after I get the keys on April 5th:

  • buy a new kitchen (equipment and cupboards/drawers)
  • buy a new bathroom
  • buy a new shower
  • get a new boiler
  • make sure I have electricity, water and gas in the house

Those are just the major things. There’s also lots of work to be done. Those of you that have seen the pictures, will know it’s true. In the end it will be worth it though. I will have a place of my own and I will not be paying rent anymore.

Then there always is something that gets you back down to earth. In my case that’s someone. It seems not everybody is happy with me moving into my new neighbourhood. That person means the world to me and I would have really appreciated her being happy for me. That would have made me one happy puppy. I’m not going to say anything bad about her, because I still love her. I am a bit disappointed though. That’s all, but I will get over it in time and I hope we will get over it as well. If there is a WE, that is.

Anyway, after this short interlude, I got my own house and have lots to do. So if any of you have some spare time in April, you’re VERY welcome to come help out. ;)

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